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Khalifa University to Host Mubadala-SRC Forum on Artificial Intelligence to Define Region’s Future Direction in Technology R&D

April 14, 2019

Special Sessions to Examine Areas of Future Research for Co-Funding with Government

Khalifa University will be hosting the three-day Mubadala-SRC Forum on artificial Intelligence (AI) in Abu Dhabi in order to define future research and development programs of AI hardware systems.

To be held from 15-16 April 2019 at the Khalifa University Main Campus, the forum will have representations from regional and international technology leaders such as Intel, GlobalFoundries, IBM, NXP, Arm, Synopsys, Siemens, Texas Instruments, IMEC, and LETI, as well as Mubadala Investment Company and SRC.

Keynotes and panel discussions will focus on identifying major challenges, opportunities, and the most strategic lines of research to pursue in order to drive future funding of AI research and development through SRC and SRC-Government co-funding. A roundtable on ‘Research Needs and Potential Responses’ will examine pacing research issues for future AI and identify
promising areas for university research from the perspectives of industry, university and government stakeholders.

Also joining the forum will be researchers and scientists from leading research-intensive universities such as Universities of California at Berkeley and Irvine, Stanford University, Georgia Tech, Duke University, ETH Zurich, Arizona State University, Texas A&M University and Khalifa University.

Dr Arif Sultan Al Hammadi, Executive Vice-President, Khalifa University of Science andTechnology, said: “As a research-intensive academic institution seeking to widen the impact of AI and machine learning, Khalifa University is delighted to partner with stakeholders such as Mubadala and SRC to host this forum. Our research centers have already been working on research projects in these rapidly developing technology fields. We believe bringing science and
technology leaders to Abu Dhabi for this knowledge sharing event will help raise awareness about emerging areas such as AI and their role in accelerating economic growth.”

Ahmed Yahia Al Idrissi, CEO Mubadala Technology, Manufacturing and Mining, will be giving the plenary keynote address. Speaking of the forum, he said, “Mubadala and GlobalFoundries are proud to support this important event at Khalifa University that brings together some of the world’s top AI scientists from academia and industry.”

“SRC is delighted to partner with Mubadala Technology and Khalifa University to explore research opportunities in this exciting explosive new growth area of AI for the semiconductor industry. The outcome of the forum will prioritize topics for SRC funding in the forthcoming AI Hardware Systems research program.” said Ken Hansen, SRC CEO.

With several research centers working on unmanned aerial vehicles and robotics research projects, Khalifa University plays an instrumental role in advancing current technology solutions to make them suitable for the future. These research centers include Advanced Power and Energy Center (APEC), Aerospace Research and Innovation Center (ARIC) – a partnership with
Mubadala Aerospace, the Center of Excellence for Integrated Photonics, the Center of Excellence on RF/5G Communications, the Emirates ICT Innovation Center (EBTIC), System-on-Chip Center (SoCC), Khalifa University Center for Autonomous Robotic Systems (KUCARS) and the Center for Cyber-Physical Systems (C2PS).

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14 April 2019