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Engineering Exhibit Showcases Freshmen Students’ Innovative Projects

December 10, 2019

Around 50 innovative projects by Khalifa University students were presented at the Engineering Design Fall 2019 (ENGR111) Term Project Presentation Day on 4 December 2019 at the Main Campus.

ENGR111 Term Project Presentation Day is a regular event where freshmen engineering students showcase different projects they have worked on as they learn the different disciplines and fundamentals of the engineering design process. The students interact with visitors as they present their projects and answer questions about their work. At the end of the event, two awards were given, the Judges’ Award and Audience Award.

The Audience Award, chosen by those who attended the exhibition through votes via a mobile app, was presented to the Protected Live Coral Farm project by Mohamed Alshamsi, Khalfan Alnaqbi, Mohamed Nasr, Abdulkareem Harthi, and Saif Alali. The team’s project focuses on developing a feasible strategy to revive, as well as protect the Arabian Gulf coral reefs, taking into consideration the Gulf’s unique conditions. The plan is to construct a land-based coral farm where coral is cultivated and then moved from the farm to the ocean. The team presented a working prototype of the farm design, including live coral, showing how the strategy will work.

The Blind Aid Stick project by Shaikha Alteneiji, Aisha Alzahmi, Asma Almansoori, Maryam Almheiri, and Banan Abedalhaq was the recipient of the Judges’ Award, which was chosen by a committee of 24 judges. The project is a walking stick for those who have visual impairment to detect if an obstacle or another person is in the way of the user’s movement. The stick’s built-in sensor estimates the distance between the stick and the potential obstacle, and then sends a signal to give sound or voice feedback.

The event attracted a huge number of visitors who enjoyed learning about the different projects that highlighted the creative and ingenious talents of KU students in conceptualizing solutions and building prototypes for real-life challenges.

Ara Cruz
News Writer
8 December 2019