Socio-Technical Systems Lab

About Us

Socio-Technical Systems Lab is a faculty cluster, dedicated to scholarship and education on extended enterprise operations and its digital transformation. Our macro-level research aims to provide real-world, cutting-edge focus on digital transactions, management, and optimization in multiple domains (maritime logistics, production lines, health care delivery systems). The Socio-Technical Systems Lab expertise in supply chain, data science, and predictive analytics, along with digitally networked systems, to address the extended enterprises as a nexus of integrated supply chains, digital-operations management, and technology-ready human capital.

We intend to publicize our research projects, proposed methodologies, research agenda, and our scientific output. We welcome your feedback, and we are open to collaborate with a multi-disciplinary perspective that encompasses engineering, socio-economics, and systems design.  

Mohammed A. Omar

Director and Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering

Mission Vision Impacts

To provide rigorous academics and industry-inspired scholarship in designing and managing digitally networked systems, as well as to navigate the interface between humans and technology in the rapidly evolving digital economy.

To provide an interdisciplinary scientific cluster, internationally recognized, in Digital transformation of supply chains, analytics-driven management, and the Socio-economics of engineering operations.

Lab Leadership

Dr. Mohammed Omar Department Chair, Director, Center for Digital Supply Chain and Operations Management
Dr. Raja Jayaraman Associate Professor, Associate Chair of Undergraduate studies