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Dr. Mohamed El Moursi Receives the Khalifa Education Award in the Field of Higher Education

November 23, 2022

Khalifa University congratulates the professor of electrical engineering and computer science on receiving the Khalifa Education Award in higher education (Distinguished University Professor).


Khalifa University professor Mohamed El Moursi was honored recently for his work in electrical engineering and computer science with the Khalifa Award for Education.


The award, in the area of higher education, notes Dr. El Moursi’s passion for education, research, university and community service and for enriching the field of education through innovative means with a focus on renewable energy integration and smart grid. This award is recognized by the UAE’s Ministry of Education and the Arab world and is offered solely to distinguished professors.


Dr. El Moursi’s research has delivered innovative solutions to integrating renewable energy sources such as solar energy and wind energy to the electric power grid. In addition, he developed several in-house experimental prototypes and tools along with his research team that are currently in operation with the Power Utilities. For example, he developed a novel Stability Assessment, Visualization and Enhancement (SAVE) Tool for TRANSCO’s network based on artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced deterministic Techniques. Along with his KU team, he also developed a novel Renewable Energy Management System (REMS Tool) for K.A. CARE (KSA). His research has been funded and supported by manufacturers, corporations and research facilities in North America, Europe, South Korea and the GCC.


“I am truly honored and deeply thankful for this valuable recognition.This wouldn’t have happened without the great support of my esteemed colleagues, research team, students and Khalifa University,” Dr. El Moursi said.


Dr. El Moursi has received other national and international awards, including the UAE Mission Innovation Champion in Vancouver, Canada, Faculty Research Excellence Award for the College of Engineering and Outstanding Associate Editor award of the IEEE Transaction on Power Systems.


“With this valuable recognition, I’m looking forward to maximizing my efforts and contributions to rise up the academic standards in education and research at Khalifa University and UAE with international recognition,” he said. 


Dr. El Moursi has published 211 scientific articles in top quality journals and conferences and has three U.S. patents. He has supervised 30 masters and 9 Ph.D. theses.  


The Khalifa Education Awards were established in 2007 to encourage focus and innovation in education in the United Arab Emirates, the surrounding region and the international community.


Maggie Kinsella
Science Writer
23 November 2022