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Cultivating the Youth to Be Social Leaders

February 13, 2020

The Al Ahli Holding Group, through its CSR Division and in collaboration with Khalifa University’s Student Success Department, conducted a two-day UAE Social Leaders Program on 7–8 February 2020 at The Hive, located at Khalifa University’s Main Campus.

CSR Al Ahli aims to develop the youth to become global leaders through learning by exposure and cultivating their social enterprise and entrepreneurial skills.

Almost 30 Khalifa University students attended the two-day training program that included sessions about the concept of social entrepreneurship, sustainable development goals, and how to become a social leader. KU faculty Dr. Amani Abdullatif Omer, Associate Professor of Humanities and Social Sciences, led the session on Best CSR Practices and Alliya Rose Anderson, Lecturer of the Preparatory Program, led the team formation and team-building activities.

One of the goals of the training is to inspire the participants to come up with social enterprise projects. These projects, which are associated with social challenges built upon the needs of the UAE, should be able to address development requirements, and at the same time build strong grassroots initiatives.

During the training, the students were able to come up with nine projects that focused on poverty eradication, promotion of education for all, health awareness, and renewable energy and its environmental impacts. There will be a month-long mentorship and coaching period where the participants will further develop their projects and implementation plans.

At the end of the year, the committed projects will compete for the 10,000 USD prize in the annual Social Entrepreneurship Summit organized by CSR Al Ahli.

Ara Cruz
News Writer
13 February 2020