Bedouin Philanthropist Donates One Million Dirham to Young Future Energy Leaders

September 21, 2018

Bedouin philanthropist, Mohammed Salem Bin Kardous Al-Ameri, has signed a one million dirham gift agreement with Masdar Institute of Science and Technology. The donation, which is the first Masdar Institute has ever received from a private individual, will contribute towards the Young Future Energy Leaders program (YFEL 2011), an initiative led by Masdar Institute. YFEL helps mentor young professionals and students in the fields of alternative energy by engaging them in related activities.

Preceded by a tour of Masdar Institute, Mohammed Al-Ameri signed the gift agreement with Dr. Fred Moavenzadeh, President of Masdar Institute, on Thursday December 16 at the campus. Following a distinguished military career, Mohammed Al-Ameri has dedicated his life to encouraging future generations in the UAE to be equipped with knowledge, be committed to their religion, and to maintain their customs and values. 

Dr. Fred Moavenzadeh, said: “We would like to extend our gratitude to Mohammed Salem Bin Kardous Al-Ameri. We are delighted to have received our first ever gift from a private individual. This gift will enable us to strengthen the YFEL program, encouraging more young people to take an interest in renewable energy and sustainability.” 

Mohammed Salem Bin Kardous Al-Ameri, said: “Young Future Energy Leaders is an organization that shares my values; a commitment to the next generation. Engaging with and nurturing younger people, particularly in the field of renewable energy and sustainability, is vital for the future of the UAE and beyond. My contribution is just a small gesture of what all of us can do; I hope others are encouraged to support educational organizations like Masdar Institute and their Young Future Energy Leaders Program.”