MSc students’ activities on the integrity of reactor containment buildings in Barakah nuclear power plants

August 25, 2020

Reactor containment buldings (RCBs) as the last barrier to the release of radioactive materials play a critical role in the nuclear power plants (NPPs). Thus, the integrity of RCBs has been studied as one of the projects in the ENTC.

Several MSc students in Nuclear Engineering have participated in the project and after graduation they are actively working on the safety and security areas of NPPs at FANR and ENC/NAWAH. Sara Al Hanaee, one of the MSc graduates, completed her MSc Thesis titled ‘Effect of aging on ultimate pressure capacity of nuclear reactor containment building, which was published in a journal named ‘Nuclear Engineering and Design’. She was one of the three winners of the competition at the 10th anniversary of the World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS) operation in 2018. Also, while working at FANR, she was a winner of FANR Annual Award “Exceptional Employee Award” in 2019.