Khalifa University Space Technology and Innovation Lab

About Us

The Khalifa University Space Technology and Innovation Lab (KUSTIL) was established with the aim of becoming a hub of excellence for the space sector in the UAE. KUSTIL builds on the current space-related capabilities developed within Khalifa University to support the space industry, as well as to use resources effectively to achieve the greatest impact opportunity for the UAE.

The research projects undertaken at the KUSTIL will have a crucial role in building capabilities and creating a technical hub. Specifically, it will train UAE students in satellite design and manufacturing; conduct scientific research in space sector and applications, develop satellite manufacturing capabilities in the UAE, promote and inspire entrepreneurship in the space sector, and support the space science and technology initiatives of the UAE Space Agency.

KUSTIL also hosts the Yahsat Space Lab, which was established to support the CubeSat programs at UAE universities in general and the Khalifa University Space Systems programs in particular. The lab is the first of its kind in the region with the capability to design, build, and test small satellites up to 6U form factor (30 cm X 20 cm X 10 cm).

Mission Vision Impacts

To establish a hub of excellence for the space sector in the UAE, by leveraging the current space-related capabilities at Khalifa University. The group’s objective is to provide substantial support to the space industry and make the most efficient use of resources to maximize the opportunity of achieving a significant impact in the UAE.

KUSTIL aims to achieve the UAE’s vision in the field of space exploration, technologies, and applications.

Lab Leadership

Dr. Sean Shan Min Swei Professor of Practice, Director, Space Technology and Innovation Lab, Acting Chair