System-on-Chip Center


Chip Design and Testing

The System on Chip Lab focuses on the design of advanced electronic systems and is among the main pillars of the Artificial Intelligence Institute at Khalifa University. In SoCL, researchers and students are engaged in the developments and design of low power hardware accelerators targeting AI, communication and security applications. This is achieved via the simulation, testing and characterization tools provided in SoC lab. The lab has Industry-standard IC CAD tools (Cadence, Synopsys, Mentor Graphics) to design at the advanced technology node.  In addition, it has all the electrical characterization equipment’s needed to carry on device and board-level testing, including PCB board, and FPGA platforms.  In addition to circuits and systems, the SoCL has strong activities in the area of sensory development and microfluidic design for medical applications.

Some of the significant equipment under this facility are:

  • Network Analyzer for RF (67 and 111 GHZ)
  • Wire Bonding for packaging and PCB board
  • Signal Analyzer up to 40 GHZ
  • Oscilloscopes and Logic Analyzers (120 Gbs)
  • Power supplies and sensitive power measurements
  • A unique system for fabricating nano probes with sub-1 nm apex and one atom end