ENTC fulfilling its educational mission: A national MSc student presented her research at Program Review meeting and international conference

August 17, 2020

Nourah Alyammahi is a full-time MSc student in nuclear engineering under the supervision of Assist. Prof. Ho Joon Yoon. She is also a FANR nuclear safety assessment engineer, was selected to participate in the ATLAS-2 Project. Her MSc thesis is to conduct the numerical analysis using one of the thermal hydraulic safety analysis code, RELAP 5, whilst conducting experiments and tests developed by the Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute. She participated in every test and experiment over the last two years and put UAE on the global stage regarding thermal hydraulic safety analysis by presenting Five of her research findings at ATLAS Project Review Meetings. On each occasion, the Emirati demonstrated vast improvements in her skills and knowledge, and in her ability to convey technical analysis to a highly-skilled and knowledgeable audience. In May 2019 She also delivered a paper on RELAP 5 simulation of intermediate break loss of coolant accident at the International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power (ICAPP) in France.