Research and Innovation Center on CO2 and Hydrogen


Biochemical Sustainable Fuels Lab

Biochemical processes can be used for both, CO2 conversion and hydrogen generation, as well as some other environmental applications. Current research interests of projects carried out at the RICH center are the understanding of the selective and environmental forces driving microbial communities’ behavior for process and environmental applications. Processes include anaerobic digestion and fermentation, microbial electrochemical technologies and biological wastewater treatment and resource recovery in general.

Notable equipment used in this lab are:

  • Bioreactor Fermac 360
  • Multichannel potentiostat
  • Automatic Methane Potential Test System (AMPTS)
  • Laminar flow cabinet.
  • Biosafety cabinet.
  • HACH portable spectrophotometer
  • HACH HT200S high temperature thermostat