Well Performance

Well Performance

Course Description

This course utilizes the techniques for design and performance analysis of the production system starting from the formation up to the wellhead/separator. The topics include the production system that integrate the flow of single-phase or two-phase fluids to wellbore and from wellbore bottom to wellhead/separator. This teaches various flow regimes and models to derive inflow performance relationships and vertical flow relationships, combination of which gives the well deliverability.

Learning Outcomes: 

  1. Use mathematics, science and engineering knowledge to study and understand production systems
  2. Predict inflow performance relationships (IPR), wellbore pressure profile and design vertical lift performance (VLP), including performance with ESP.
  3. Solve problems combining IPR and VLP

Course Outline:

Day Topics/Activities Material
1 Petroleum Production Systems

  • Introduction
  • Components of the petroleum production systems
  • Well productivity and production engineering

Well Performance from Undersaturated Oil Reservoirs

  • Introduction
  • Steady-state well performance
  • Transient flow of undersaturated oil
  • Pseudosteady-state flow
  • Inflow performance relationships (IPRs)
  • Examples with solutions 
Available  in a handbook
2 Well Performance from Saturated Oil Reservoirs

  • Introduction
  • Two-phase flow in a reservoir
  • Inflow performance from two-phase oil reservoirs 
    • Models: Vogel, Fetkovich and Standing
  • Inflow performance relationships (IPRs)
  • Examples with solutions

Well Performance from Natural Gas Reservoirs

  • Introduction with Gas/PVT Properties
Available  in a handbook
3 Well Performance from Natural Gas Reservoirs

  • Approximation of gas well deliverability
  • Gas well deliverability of non-Darcy flow
  • Transient flow of a gas well
  • Inflow performance Relationships (IPRs)
  • Examples with solutions

Production from Horizontal wells

  • The Joshi Model and The Furui Model
  • Examples with solutions

Wellbore Flow Performance 

  • Introduction
  • Single-phase flow of an incompressible Newtonian fluid
  • Pressure drop calculations with mechanical energy balance equation
  • Single-phase flow of a compressible Newtonian fluid (gas well)
Available  in a handbook
4 Wellbore Flow Performance 

  • Two-phase flow in wellbore
  • Two-phase flow regime maps
  • Pressure gradient calculation:
    • Modified Hagedorn and Brown model, Beggs and Brill model and Gray/Grifith model
  • Pressure traverse calculations
  • Examples with solutions

Well Deliverability

  • Introduction
  • Generation of vertical lift performances (VLP)
  • IPR and VLP of Two-phase reservoirs and gas reservoir
  • Performance with ESP (high and low GOR wells) and variable speed drive
  • Examples with solutions
  • Introduction to Total System Analysis  
    • selection of node and inflow & outflow analysis   
Available  in a handbook


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