Instructor :
Dr. Gabriele Scandura
Start date
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Metal‑organic frameworks (MOFs) are crystalline microporous materials consisting of metal ions/coordination complexes connected by organic ligands into periodic structure. The pore size and surface properties can be tuned down to the molecular level based on the experimental conditions during the chemical synthesis.

The project focuses on the development of an improved adsorptive desalination technology, whereby the cost-competitiveness of the MOF sponge technology and their potential for scale-up and commercialization will be evaluated. Student will be directly involved in the MOFs synthesis. In particular, parameters such as ion:ligand ratio, temperature, reaction volume, reaction time, will be optimized in order to obtain nano-scale MOF powders. Based on the equipment availability, student might investigate how those parameters affect the MOF structural properties by one or more of the following techniques: X-ray powder diffraction, thermal gravimetric analysis, dynamic light scattering.

Expected outcome from the Student's work
  • Kinetic data regarding MOF crystal growth
  • Optimization of the synthesis conditions for a specific MOF (e.g. MIL-53)
Terms & conditions

Student will be supervised by Dr. Ludovic Dumee (assistant professor) and Dr. Gabriele Scandura (postdoctoral fellow).

Previous hands-on experience in a chemistry lab is required. Student is expected to work in the lab about 5 hours/day.