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Dr. Afshin Goharzadeh & Hamid Abderrahmane
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The circular hydraulic jump may arise when a fluid jet falling vertically at high Reynolds number strikes a horizontal plate. Observed from below the symmetry of circular hydraulic jump breaks into a self-organized structure that consists of a spinning polygonal jump and logarithmic-spiral waves of fluid elevation downstream. The waves are strikingly similar to spiral density waves in galaxies. The fluid flow exhibits counterparts of salient morphological features of galactic flows, in particular the outflow from the center, jets, circum-nuclear rings, gas inflows toward the galactic center, and vortices. The hydrodynamic instability revealed here may have a counterpart that plays a role in the formation and sustainability of spiral arms in galaxies.


Expected outcome from the Student's work

The project aims to experimentally obtain the rotational curve of the flow described above and test whether the flatness of the rotational curves of actual galaxies is the results of hydrodynamics instabilities of the rotating background flow. We will use PIV measurement to obtain the velocity field and undergoes flow analysis using advanced techniques.

Terms & conditions

This is an experimental work. The experimental setup is ready and operational. Student needs to update the experiment, improve the instrumentation and perform test in our laboratory. A strong background in fluid mechanics and/or instrumentation is preferred.