Instructor :
Dr. Mohammed Abou Khousa
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Accurately measuring the properties of a flowing liquid or the components of a mixture of different liquids in real-time is of paramount importance in various applications.  Although the flow measurement and sensing technology has advanced over the recent years, there are still many critical functional requirements that are not yet met by the available technology. In this project, a novel, accurate, and cost effective real-time magnetic resonance (MR) flow measurement system will be developed and applied to improve upon the conventional measurement techniques.

Expected outcome from the Student's work

This is a unique opportunity to gain relevant engineering experience in real-time measurement systems and their applications. The student is expected to:

  • Assemble, integrate and test electronic systems
  • Conduct experiments and gather/analyze data
  • Support technical activities related to schematic capture and printed circuit board design
  • Assist with 3D modeling using CAD packages & 3D printing of prototypes
  • Draft technical documents
Terms & conditions
  • Currently enrolled in undergraduate electrical/mechanical engineering program with minimum of 3.6 CGPA.
  • Familiar with electronic test equipment