University Research Council (URC)


The University Research Council (URC) provides advice and assistance to the Senior Vice President for Research and Development (SVP R&D) in the development and administration of the research enterprise at Khalifa University of Science and Technology. The URC additionally serves as an essential body for establishing alignment between academic and research activities at Khalifa University.

Methods And Terms Of Appointment

The Chair of the URC is the SVP Research & Development. The Secretary of the URC is the Director – University Sponsored Research.

The ex-officio URC members will consist of seven (7) academic members at Associate Dean level or above nominated by the Provost, one (1) member nominated by the SVP Student and Academic Affairs and three (3) members representing research institutes and centers nominated by SVP R&D. The SVP R&D may appoint additional members as required. URC members that are not ex-officio will serve a one-year term with possibility of renewal.

All members of the URC, with the exception of the Secretary, are voting members.

URC will meet at least on a monthly basis with reasonable effort made to meet quorum (either physically or virtually).

Roles and Responsibilities
The main responsibilities of the URC are to:

Foster a supportive and enabling environment for research at Khalifa University and assist in developing an action plan to help realize the University’s potential for distinction in research, creativity, and scholarly activities;

Ensure that faculty hiring practices and procedures are aligned with the University’s research agenda;

Ensure that graduate and undergraduate education are integrated with the University research strategy;

Ensure that graduate student recruitment and allocation policies and procedures are aligned with the University’s research strategy;

Review and recommend new or modified policies and procedures that govern research across the University;

Review on an annual basis the Research Strategy and make any necessary recommendations for updates;

Recommend awards that are made from the internal University research funds;

Review on an annual basis projects, programs and centers that use University research funds and, where necessary, recommend corrective actions;

Review on an annual basis research laboratory and research computing capital expenditure requirements;

Consider on a semi-annual basis requests for research staff promotions and salary increments;