System-on-Chip Lab (SoCL)

SoCC Open House Highlights KU’s Pioneering Microsystems Research

November 21, 2019

Khalifa University’s System on Chip Center (SoCC) held its first Open House on Wednesday, 20 November at the Main Campus.

The SoCC Open House provided a platform for SoCC faculty, researchers and students to highlight how they are advancing microsystems research through the use of SoCC’s advanced facilities. The SoCC is the only research center in UAE with a comprehensive range of expertise in analog, digital, and RF that can deliver integrated system-on-chip and electronics circuits and system solutions for various applications targeting near market research.

Center Director Dr. Baker Mohammad, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, opened the event with an overview of center activities and main projects.  Dr. Onur Mutlu, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at ETH Zurich and Carnegie Mellon University, delivered the keynote address. Dr. Mutlu is a leading expert in computer architecture, computing systems, hardware security, and bioinformatics. Many of the techniques he and his group discovered and invented over the years have influenced industry and have been employed in commercial microprocessors and memory/storage systems, including systems designed by Apple, Intel, IBM, Samsung, Sun Microsystems.

SoCC faculty presented research in ultra-low power digital design for security, AI application, radio frequency and millimeter-waves activities, photo sensors based on plasmonic nano-structures, and emerging RRAM technology for sensing and computing applications.

The Open House also included poster sessions for SoCC researchers and students to share their various electronics research.

Erica Solomon
Senior Editor
21 November 2019