KU Professor Recognized as One of the Top Scientists in the UAE

November 4, 2020

Khalifa University’s Dr. Nenad Mladenovic has been ranked as the #2 top scientist in the country according to the Guide2Research 2020 Computer Science and Electronics Top Scientists Ranking.

Dr. Mladenovic is currently a Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Khalifa University. Before joining KU, he taught at several universities in different countries, including France, Canada, Serbia, and the United Kingdom. Since 2012, Dr. Mladenovic has been a member of the Academia Europaea, a non-governmental organization of scientists and scholars whose aim is to promote learning, education, and research.

Through his work in Optimization, also known as Operations Research, Dr. Mladenovic is named as one of the top scientists in the UAE by Guide2Research.

“Optimization problems are everywhere—in technology, economy, science, industry, environment, telecommunications, energy, transportation, supply chain management. They occur in private and public sectors, by individuals or by small or huge enterprises. Although they are at the first glance quite different, fortunately they usually share similar properties. In other words, a variety of problems in different areas of human activities share the similar symbolic presentation, or mathematical model. They all have decision variables, an objective function to minimize or maximize and the solution space of a huge number of solutions, where just one or just a few among them are optimal,” explained Dr. Mladenovic.

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