Center for Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS)

Principal Investigator
Ernesto Damiani
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Focus Area
Robotics, AI, & Data Science
Center for Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS)

The emergence of the Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), digital eco-systems where humans live and work side by side with billions of intelligent objects, is not just a technological innovation, like others that have occurred in past, but a singularity that has radically and forever changed the way human beings live and work. Today, CPS support a wide range of applications, such as intelligent manufacturing, transportation, finance, healthcare, and entertainment. Developing research in this field and drawing up its technological development are crucial parts of the UAE strategy and of the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030. The KU Research Centre on Cyber-Physical Systems (C2PS) will investigate transformative ICT technologies supporting change like micro-devices, cloud/edge computing architectures, cyber-security, and mobile communications, as well as with emergent disruptive innovations that bring on change, such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet-of-Everything, and Blockchain.

The C2PS mission is threefold:

    • Performing internationally recognized research in all CPS technological areas
    • Supporting technological innovation required by UAE stakeholders in the fields of transportation, logistics, healthcare and manufacturing and
    • Streamlining research results to create valuable intellectual property and foster new business opportunities.

C2PS activity revolves around four Themes that converge to support and enable CPSs: Computation architectures, Networks and Communication technology, Hardware and Micro-Device technology, Big Data analytics and Artificial Intelligence, Security, trust, dependability and privacy. C2PS four research Themes converge to a common goal: building today’s digital applications whose dimensionality, variability and volume defy traditional approaches.

Center for Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS)