Theme 2 Robotics for Extreme Environments (R4EE)

June 16, 2020

Labs G0010, C00059 and C00060 are dedicated for this theme.The primary objective is to investigate robot based emergency response systems for extreme environments.

  • Collaborative Robot Navigation and Robot Interventions in Harsh Environments

Here, we deploy collaborative robots (drones DJI Wind 4, Agras MG-1S and ground vehicles Jackal) in a fire related urban search and rescue (USAR) scenario. It addresses the following objectives related to the application of a team of UAVs and UGVs in a high rise building fire scenario:

  • Intelligent feature detection, state estimation and data fusion (using deep learning workstations)
  • Robust localization using multi-sensors ( GPS System fused with Radar, LiDAR, Visual Camera and drone‚Äôs sensory system)
  • Decentralized collaboration of heterogeneous robot systems
  • Optimized mission planning and decision making


  • Search Space Coverage Path Planning experimentation for inspecting complex structure such as aircraft using a drone (e.g. DJI Matrice 100)


Some of the noteworthy equipment used are the Optitrack motion capture system, various small drines, and the Quanser QDrone , which are used for indoor localitization and algorithm testing.