Power Electronics Converter Development and Prototyping

June 15, 2020

Power Electronics converter systems play a major role in today’s modern power system, consumer electronics, renewable energy system, smart grid, transportation sector and so forth. APEC center has dedicated Power Electronics lab that focuses on design and development of cutting-edge converter systems for various applications, such as, power quality improvement, microgrids (DC and AC), drives, PV and wind energy conversion systems, electric vehicles, CubeSats and Satellite EPS, and solid-state transformer. 

Some of the equipment under this facility are:

  • dSPACE 1103 (3)
  • One opal-RT
  • Chromo programmable AC source 61703 (1)
  • Agilent triple DC power supply E3631A (8)
  • Chroma programmable DC power supply (1)
  • 4-channel oscilloscopes DPO4054B (3)
  • Agilent LCR meter 4263B (1)
  • Yokogawa 16-channel scope DL850 (1)
  • PSB design software tools
  • ANSYS Maxwell
  • Fully equip with discrete components needed for power electronic experimental work (IGBT modules, drives, sensors, heat sinks, inductors, capacitors, cables, etc)

Some prototype illustrations: