Minimally Invasive Therapeutics and Medical Device development

June 18, 2020

One important research area at HEIC is focused on the development of minimally invasive treatment, therapeutics and medical devices based on innovative technology. The team is working on model driven design for minimally invasive endoluminal approach catheters and a therapeutic nano-based drug delivery system targeted for cardiovascular diseases.


  • Vascular replicator, silicone vasculature and advanced hemodynamic replication systems, provides a realistic experience when performing endovascular procedures empowering training and device development 
  • Heart simulator, simulating the realistic motion of an average human heart for analysis and validation of beating heart access and interventional techniques
  • 4D bioprinter, able to create dynamic 3D patterned biological structures
  • Biaxial testing platform, fully equipped to perform biaxial test to understand mechanical properties of materials and tissues
  • Microfabrication CNC milling system with Linux based CAD for miniature parts
  • Nanomedicine facilities, dedicated laboratory equipment for nano-medicine research with particular application to smart drugs