June 18, 2020

In this area the team is working on developing and testing new non-invasive physiological techniques and tools to predict and diagnose cardiovascular diseases at an early stage when intervention and rehabilitation are effective. The team is using Intelligence (AI) and machine learning approaches to create a paradigm shift in CVD diagnosis.

Some of the noteworthy equipment under this facility are:

  • ADInstruments Physiological measurement system, together with the LabChart software, enables complete data acquisition (DAQ) systems for a diverse range of research and education applications, including human physiology, electrophysiology and heart systems.


  • Exercise physiology measurement system to analyze the physiological effects of exercise, consisting in a complete physiology recording system for monitoring cardiorespiratory and metabolic function during exercise.
  • Delsys EMG system enabling biofeedback via wearable sensor devices and real time EMG software
  • Exercise Treadmill for exercise physiology research easily compatible with other physiological measurement systems in the lab.
  • Instrumented Treadmill with independent motion control of two belts, high accuracy and ease of control for a variety of research applications
  • Fetal ECG system for non-invasive, enable accurate measurement of fetal cardiac information detected from the maternal abdominal wall, such as fetal electrocardiogram, maternal electrocardiogram, and uterine myoelectricity, as well as diagnostic support
  • EEG system with noninvasive electrodes, for research and educational activities