Data Analytics and Applied Artificial Intelligence

June 16, 2020

The lab is equipped with several technologies to respond to two of the major challenges of Industry 4.0, specifically, the exponential growth in the size of ambient data and the need to ultimately shift from Assisted to Autonomous Intelligence paradigms. The vision of this facility is to provide a holistic vision of AI over IoE/CPS, integrating design and deployment of data processing and AI analytics. Ultimately, our research aims to provide a transparent understanding of the complete data pipeline. This will facilitate human decision makers in gaining trust in the outcomes of AI systems, and improving human ability in selecting AI models, depending on the task at hand. 

Some of the noteworthy equipment/services under this facility are:

  • Edge processors (multi-blade devices) with on-board storage, with operating system and local hypervisor
  • Access to public and private cloud computing services: Software development, testing and deployment tools at the application level