Cyber-Security and Privacy

June 16, 2020

Many emerging threats target AI systems and the human-system interface within CPS. The objective of the Cyber Security facility is to provide post-graduates and researchers with state-of-the-art tools and systems to establish trust relations among IoT devices, edge processors, cloud-based applications and the other components of the CPS ecosystem. It also offers the opportunity to run experiments in a well configured and isolated environment.

In our lab, advanced tools are used to develop an EEG identification system that consists of a hardware implementation of the EEG authentication and identification algorithms. Such system can be used to collect data from EEG sensors, process it and meet the real-time response constraint by using appropriate deep learning techniques to detect the insider attacks in CPSs.

Some of the noteworthy equipment under this facility are:

  • Vital Signs readers
  • Isolated workstations
  • Blades with on-board storage