Bioinformatics Facility

June 15, 2020

With the large production of data generated by experiments at the BTC sequencing lab, the Bioinformatics facility is responsible for the development of improved analysis and data processing methodologies for the identification of genetic variants. The facility is equipped with the computational power and the expertise needed for developing pipelines for high throughput Next Generation Sequences analysis. The facility is responsible for establishing data management and storage solutions through its BTC server and its access to the Khalif University high-performance computing resources unit. The facility also contributes towards providing continuous bioinformatics related training and workshops to the KU wider community.

Types of provided bioinformatics analysis:

o   NGS and structural variation analysis

o   Microarray-based data analysis

o   Population genetics

o   Trios and families diagnostic analysis

o   HLA genotyping and analysis


Workshops and training:

The facility runs bioinformatics workshops that cover the following topics:

o   From Fastq to annotated variants workshop

o   Introduction to Linux for Bioinformatics

o   Organized regional genomic data analysis workshops