June 16, 2020

Research in the area of automation investigates the use of robots to undertaking drilling operations on aircraft structures. This work is being extended to develop automated solutions for applying small fixtures to such structures in a repeatable and efficient manner. The use of such techniques greatly reduces the time spent by engineers undertaking routine and laborious operations. Further research addresses simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) in dynamic indoor environments, a new research field with high potential industrial applications. The objective of this research is to develop robotic platforms which can autonomously navigate in a complex and dynamic indoor environment, where human operators are also included. Here, a mobile base with an UR10 manipulator is being used manipulate objects. ROS is the software development platform and sensors include two onboard LIDARs, and dynamic vision sensors.


  • KUKA KR30-3 six axis industrial robot with a payload of 30 kg and a reach of 2 meters on a six meter linear rail.
  • UR10 collaborative industrial robot with a payload of 10 kg and a reach of 1.3 meters.
  • Event-based camera technology DAVIS (Dynamic and Active-pixel Vision Sensor) for collaborative robotics tasks.
  • Leica laser tracker AT960 with an absolute interferometer distance range up to 20 meters and probing range up to 10 meters with T probe 111, T Mac Frame and reflector.
  • Self-calibrating cable robot for the manipulation of aero-structures.