The SoCC designs Advanced Circuits and Integrated Systems from three themes into a compact and power efficient System-on-Chip and System-on-Package. The center is dedicated to providing area- and power-efficient on-chip processing, wireless communication Technologies (WCT), and developing small and compact sensors to be included on the small boards.

Research themes
1. Wireless Communication Technologies (WCT) 2. Signal Processing and Digital ASIC Design 3. Sensors and Antennas 4. Power Management and Integration
1. Wireless Communication Technologies (WCT)
Wireless Communication Technologies (WCT)
  • Time Domain High Speed ADC. PI : Mihai Sanduleanu, and Baker Mohammad
  • High Speed Data Link. PI: Mihai Sanduleanu
  • Power Amplifier for 5G in 22nm FDSOI. PI Mihai and Hani
2. Signal Processing and Digital ASIC Design
Signal Processing and Digital ASIC Design
  • Hardware Accelerator for AI at the edge, PI: Hani Saleh
  • Light weight Crypto Hardware implementation: PI: Mahmoud Al Qutayri
3. Sensors and Antennas
Sensors and Antennas
  • Nano antenna for Energy Harvesting, PI: Moh’d Rezeq
  • RRAM for In-Memory-Computing for AI and security Applications, Dr. Baker Mohammad and Dr. Anas
  • RRAM for Radiation Sensing. PI: Baker Mohammad
  • Microfluidics for Bio-application. PI: DR. Anas Alazzam
4. Power Management and Integration
Power Management and Integration Theme Leader: Dima Kinlai

Power Efficient DC/DC convertor for ultra low power IoT devices, PI:Baker Mohammad, Researcher: Dima Kinlai

External Collaborators
  • State-of-the-art nanofabrication system and lab
  • A unique system for fabricating nano probes with sub-1 nm apex and one atom end.
  • These nano-probes will be used for fabricating and testing the basic nano-devices and nano sensors at sub-5 nm scale.
  • The Nanofabrication Facility and clean room at Masdar Institute will be used for the final device fabrication and