Advanced Materials Chemistry Centre

Welcome to the Advanced Materials Chemistry Center (AMCC) at Khalifa University (KU). The Advanced Material Chemistry Centre (AMCC) is a research center based in College of Arts and Science (CoAS), which will further develop the world-leading expertise in aspects of materials chemistry that is present at KU. In addition, it will have a key role in educating students through PhD, MSc and BSc courses related to Materials Chemistry. Our center is dedicated to advancing research in the field of materials chemistry, with a focus on developing new materials, new methods and establishing their structure-property relationships through advanced characterization methods and multiscale modelling for various potential applications. We are committed to fostering collaboration and innovation within the materials chemistry community, build strong and vibrant outreach and strive to make a positive impact on society through our research.


AMCC will be platform for students and researchers to drive fundamental research and laboratory-scale innovation while discovering new materials, new methodologies and understand and improve their properties at molecular and atomic level for wide range of applications. AMCC aim to contributes regionally and internationally in materials innovation research.


The vision of AMCC is to perform world-leading research in materials synthesis and characterization in order to underpin a range of advanced technologies to assist in meeting the aspirations of the UAE to diversify its economy as we approach 2030.

Center Leadership
Dr. Syed Salman Ashraf

Professor, Department Chair
Advisory Board Members
Dr. Syed Salman Ashraf

Professor, Department Chair
Dr. Wesley Cantwell

Associate Dean of Research, Professor
Dr. Baker Mohammad

Professor, Director, System-on-Chip Center