The PhD program in Petroleum Geosciences is the first PhD program in the College of Arts and Sciences. The Department of Earth Sciences’ goal of its PhD program is to stimulate research and development to foster innovative solutions to challenges in science, technology, and engineering and to advance the technological profile of the UAE and the regional oil and gas industry.

Upon completion of the PhD program in Petroleum Geosciences, graduates will have achieved:

  • an ability to recognize, evaluate, interpret, and understand issues and opportunities at the frontiers of knowledge;
  • an ability to integrate and apply knowledge across disciplinary boundaries in order to create new knowledge;
  • an ability to conduct independent original research that results in significant contribution to knowledge in the field;
  • the competencies necessary to disseminate knowledge and research findings in a variety of formats to the scientific community and public at large;
  • a propensity to engage in life-long learning and self-development in their field as a way of contributing to its future advancement;
  • a commitment to ethical behavior in research and professional activities;
  • the skills required to manage effectively in a multidisciplinary collaborative environment

Students are required to complete 60 credit hours; 24 credit hours are required for coursework, and 36 credit hours for thesis research. The required and elective courses of the PhD program in Petroleum Geosciences are listed in the following table. Written and oral qualifying exams have to be passed before students can start research that leads to a PhD dissertation.

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