Masdar Institute Student and YFEL Member to Participate in ‘International Hesselbein Student Leadership Summit 2012’ in US

September 21, 2018

Distinguished Mentors to Share Expertise and Provide Advanced Leadership Training to 50 International Students at University of Pittsburgh

Abu Dhabi-UAE: 19 July, 2012 – Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, an independent, research-driven graduate-level university focused on advanced energy and sustainable technologies, today announced one of its graduate students will be participating in the fourth annual International Hesselbein Student Leadership Summit 2012 in Pittsburgh, US.

Mohamed Al Sharhan of the Engineering Systems and Management program at Masdar Institute will join 50 top student leaders from across the world and learn how to be effective, ethical, and innovative leaders. Organized by the University of Pittsburgh from 21-24 July, the summit will also convene distinguished mentors who will share their expertise and provide advanced leadership training to participating students.

To be invited to participate, students are required to be accomplished leaders from college campuses and involved in a range of campus and community programs and service-learning.

At the International Hesselbein Student Leadership Summit in Pittsburgh, students from across the world will hear several presentations covering ‘Leadership Conversations’, ‘Global Leadership in a Multicultural World’, ‘Landscapes of Leadership’, ‘Driving to Success through Failures’, and ‘Marketing Your Distinct Leadership Qualities’.

Dr Lamya N. Fawwaz, Executive Director, Public Affairs, Masdar Institute, said: “We are proud that Mohamed Al Sharhan was invited for participation in the fourth annual International Hesselbein Student Leadership Summit in Pittsburgh. Being a student of Masdar Institute and member of the YFEL program, he is adequately prepared for becoming a future energy industry leader. We are grateful to the country’s leadership for enabling our programs and activities to be effective with their continuous support. I am confident the summit will prove beneficial to Al Sharhan, offering him more opportunities to learn from his mentors and enhance his skills.”

Al Sharhan has been active in a range of campus activities. He has joined various organizations and participated in events as he believes that extracurricular activities on or off campus are equally important as academic excellence. Encouraged by his parents to excel academically as well as socially, he has participated in school activities, organizing events and taking up hobbies as he believes they create a more balanced and integral life.

Al Sharhan said: “As a graduate student at the Masdar Institute and a YFEL member, I will be my institution’s ambassador at this event. I will try my best to deliver the message that Masdar Institute and YFEL are trying to deliver to the world the first sustainable city that will help spread the sustainable lifestyle. Also, it will be a great opportunity to tell students about Masdar Institute and YFEL by delivering short presentations, featuring the unique experience we have had in Abu Dhabi.

“By my participation as a UAE national, I will show our international colleagues the efforts of the UAE, especially Abu Dhabi which has taken the lead in developing a low-carbon economy in the region. Thus I believe that the existence of different sources of energy is one of the most important factors that will guide the current international scenario, and such events offer a great opportunity to highlight that.”

The YFEL program aims to inspire, engage and empower bright young people to be tomorrow’s leaders in the field of alternative energy and sustainability. It achieves this by bringing together students and promising young professionals from the UAE and around the world in a series of networking, skill development and idea-sharing forums focused on this dynamic and vitally important field.

YFEL offers participants exceptional and unmatched access to top global leaders, senior business executives and academics engaged in alternative energy and sustainability through events such as World Future Energy Summit (WFES) in Abu Dhabi and other major events held globally. It is mandated to educate, inspire and empower students and young professionals to become future leaders capable of solving the world’s most pressing challenges in advanced energy and sustainability.