Masdar Institute Gathering International Microscopy Experts for Seminar in Abu Dhabi

September 21, 2018

Abu Dhabi-UAE: 11 November, 2014 – Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, an independent, research-driven graduate-level university focused on advanced energy and sustainable technologies, today announced it will be gathering international microscopy experts for a seminar and symposium in Abu Dhabi, signifying a major milestone for the UAE in developing a community of highly competent ‘microscopists’.

Scheduled to be held from 17–20 November in the Multi Use Hall of the Masdar Institute Campus at Masdar City, the extensive event will include a seminar on electron microscopy management for non-technical managers, a symposium that includes networking session with poster presentations, and a two-day technical training program for microscopists.

The symposium keynote address will be delivered by Dr. Nestor Zaluzec, senior scientist and principal investigator in the Electron Microscopy Center at the Argonne National Laboratory, as well as a fellow of both Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Computational Institute of the University of Chicago. Dr. Zaluzec’s research includes the development of state-of-the-art instrumentation, software and techniques for x-ray and electron spectroscopy, analytical, and scanning confocal electron microscopy.

Mike Tiner, Director, Research Laboratories, Masdar Institute, said: “This is the first time an event of this magnitude is being organized in the UAE and represents a major milestone for Masdar Institute and the country. With the support of the Abu Dhabi government, we have reached a critically important stage in our growth. We believe this gathering is our first step in reaching out to the general business, academic and research community and will further raise the profile of Masdar Institute among local and regional stakeholders as a sought-after place for high quality expertise.”

Symposium Chair and host, Dr. Mustapha Jouiad, Microscopy Facility Manager and Principal Research Scientist at Masdar Institute, will host a special poster session and microscope image contest to display work from local researchers and microscope users. The poster session will highlight the talent present in the local microscopy community and demonstrate Masdar Institute’s cutting edge electron microscopy capabilities.

The one day management seminar and round table discussion targets non-technical individuals who are tasked with introducing electron microscopy to individuals and/or organizations. The speakers will cover facility and maintenance requirements, procurement concerns and issues specific to electron microscope facilities. This session is open to local business partners.

The two-track technical training program will introduce theory and practice of Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) along with analytical attachments such as Environmental SEM (ESEM), Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS), Wavelength Dispersive Spectroscopy (WDS) and Electron Back-Scattered Diffraction (EBSD). The theoretical as well as hands-on training sessions will target both future users and scientists who are currently using the electron microscopes for their studies.

In its fourth year of operation, the Masdar Institute Electron Microscopy Facility has become the central nexus for a community of users in the region, having certified more than 300 new SEM microscopists in basic electron microscopy. Ongoing advanced training courses focus on Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy, Electron Beam Lithography, Advanced SEM (ESEM), Advanced SEM (Backscatter), Ultra High Resolution SEM (Nova) and Cs Corrected TEM (Titan).

One of the most advanced university microscopy facilities in the world, the Masdar Institute Electron Microscopy Facility hosts six advanced electron microscopes and analytical attachments applicable to many real world problems in life sciences, materials science, advanced electronics and water treatment. The purpose-built room is designed and constructed to exacting details which reduce environmental factors such as vibrations, sound, electromagnetic fields, and temperature variation.

The extensive four-day event at Masdar Institute is supported by industry leaders including FEI Company, a leading supplier of scientific instruments for nanoscale applications and solutions in industry and science, Gatan, world’s leading manufacturer of instrumentation and software used in electron microscopes, and Edax, a leader in high-quality products and systems for companies in semiconductors, metals, and geological, biological, material and ceramics markets.

Other sponsors are Leica Microsystems, specialists in microscopes and imaging equipment for medical, scientific and industrial use, Sigma Enterprises, suppliers of engineering & scientific instruments including Confocal Raman/AFM/SNOM Microscopes, sample preparation  and  physical strength testing instruments, WITec, manufacturer of high-resolution optical and scanning probe microscopy solutions for scientific and industrial applications, and Naizak Global Engineering, supplier of scientific instruments, including chromatographs and mass spectrometers.