Khalifa University Student Chapter of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is a student organization that prepares Khalifa University students to face challenges of the outside world and equip them with all the sufficient knowledge of their own field as well as being distinguished by their awareness of other fields’ progress and their ability to communicate with others.

IEEE has established its position as the world’s largest professional association dedicated to the advancing technological innovations for the benefit of humanity. For engineering students, IEEE creates the appropriate environment for integration, communication, and collaboration on world changing technologies. For more information about the IEEE please visit the website.


The mission is to be the definite article that merges all disciplines and activities into one big integrated multidisciplinary team of innovation and productivity.

Being a member in IEEE Khalifa University Student Chapter provides engineering students with the opportunity to participate in worldwide competitions, staying current with the latest technological novelties, exchanging knowledge and experience with other engineers from interdisciplinary majors, and being part of the community that leads engineers to contribute to positive changes in the world.


  • Invite several qualified speakers from various backgrounds to share their experience and knowledge with the students.
  • Attend and participate in the IEEE conferences, such as the IEEE GCC conference.
  • Participate effectively in the annual IEEE competitions, such as the Student Day Competitions, and the Flip Video competition.
  • Motivate and challenge students with some regular problem solving contests in the university.
  • Organize some events between Abu Dhabi IEEE branch and Sharjah IEEE branch.
  • Discuss recent technological advancement and solve recent engineering problems using Khalifa University Moodle e-learning service.
  • Offer a regular orientation meeting for new coming students to advise and explain to them the different engineering disciplines.

Meeting time

The Executive Committee of the Chapter normally meets once a week.

The policies of our chapter division are co-related with the policies presented at original IEEE website which can be found under the link: