Khalifa University Kicks off Innovation Week with Research Center Open Houses

September 7, 2018

Khalifa University held today open houses for two of the University’s eleven research centers. The Visual Signal Analysis and Processing Center (VSAP) which focuses on research into the areas of Surveillance and Machine Vision Video Communications and Image Security and Biometrics and Bio-Imaging and the Khalifa Semiconductor Research Center (KSRC) which is dedicated to investing in research centered around nanotechnology and microchip technology for a range of fields like biomedical engineering and nuclear engineering.

“The establishment of specialized research centers is key to fostering innovation at Khalifa University ” said Dr. Arif Sultan Al Hammadi Khalifa University’s Executive Vice President. “These centers operate as a focal point for industry involvement and a means of collaboration with other centers. By providing this kind of focus we are able to truly spotlight areas of mutual interest and advancement. In addition Innovation Week gives us the opportunity to really highlight the kind of cutting edge research the University is engaged in and offer activities for our students to participate in. It’s truly a wonderful way to highlight the importance of innovation to the UAE and future.”

Khalifa University has also scheduled activities for its other research centers over the rest of the Innovation Week including holding the UAE Advanced Network for Research and Education (Ankabut) annual Users’ Meeting on Monday November 21 which will take place at the Dusit Thani hotel in Abu Dhabi. Monday will also see open houses for the University’s Information Security Research Center (ISRC) and Emirates ICT Innovation Center (EBTIC).

On Wednesday November 23 the Aerospace Research and Innovation Center (ARIC) will be officially opened and Khalifa University will host a Ceremony for the Khalifa Innovation Center (KIC). The University will also hold an open house for the Khalifa University Center of Excellence in Biotechnology (KUCEB).

Thursday November 24 will see open houses for the Khalifa University Robotics Institute (KURI) and the Emirates Technology and Innovation Center (ETIC) as well as an exhibition of student projects.

Khalifa University was recently named the top university in the UAE by two international rankings QS and Times Higher Education both of which highlighted the institution’s faculty to student ratio and faculty publications as clear examples of the University’s dedication to research and innovation. Currently the University is a leader in academic publications and patents with over 50 US patents granted since its establishment in 2008.

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