Khalifa University and ADNOC sign an agreement to support 150 students annually

September 7, 2018

Agreement to drive Emiratization of key jobs

Khalifa University signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC) on Wednesday November 12th 2014. Dr. Arif Al Hammadi Executive Vice President of Khalifa University and Mohammed Al Qubaisi Human Resources Director at ADNOC were on hand to sign the agreement which will see ADNOC sponsor a minimum of 150 students a year in addition to providing internships and assistance with mutually beneficial projects.

As per the agreement ADNOC will provide full sponsorship to a minimum of 150 students participating in Chemical Engineering Applied Mathematics and Statistics and Mechanical Engineering. Full sponsorship includes the cost of tuition transport and accommodation as well as conference attendance fees the cost of equipment and software that the students may need in addition to those provided by the university and a monthly stipend. Students sponsored by ADNOC will also have the opportunity to intern with the oil and gas leader and ADNOC even agrees to help students identify worthwhile research projects.

“We are thrilled and honored to collaborating with an esteemed national pioneer such as ADNOC to provide support to our students ” said Dr. Arif Al Hammadi. “This agreement demonstrates the level of collaboration that organizations at the UAE are undertaking to support the Emiratization of the jobs that are key to the UAE’s economy both currently and in the future. This partnership is an important addition to the list of other strategic partnerships with local regional and international leading organizations. The agreement also shows the level of excellence our students enjoy and the importance the diversity and the high-level of our academic and research programs which lead to graduating generations of engineers and future leaders in all key sectors in the UAE.”

Dr. Arif also said: “ADNOC is considered a strategic partner to Khalifa University as is the oil and gas sector which the University strives to support. It’s because of that Khalifa University has made new academic programs available which meet the needs of the UAE’s economy and the sectors that support it. The agreement we are signing today is an example of how the University along with its partners support Emiratization. Khalifa University will continue to support all that maintains the UAE’s positioning and excellence of its citizens.”