Introduction to Condition Assessment of High-Voltage Equipment

Introduction to Condition Assessment of High-Voltage Equipment

Course Date

12/15/2019 To 12/19/2019

Course Description

This course is designed for an audience having varying knowledge of high-voltage engineering, and working in asset management and operation of large high-voltage equipment in electrical power substations and industrial plants, such as transformers, cables, motors, Gas Insulated Systems (GIS) and outdoor insulation.

Learning Outcomes: 

At the end of this course, participants should be able to:   

  1. Acquire an up-to-date knowledge of key stresses facing high-voltage (HV) equipment in service
  2. Understand the various degradation mechanisms and failure modes in HV equipment                                        
  3. Use advanced diagnostic tools for detection of partial discharge (PD) defects in HV insulation
  4. Make an assessment of the condition of high-voltage transformers using Frequency Response Analysis (FRA)
  5. Acquire practical experience with high-voltage testing and measurement according to international standards
  6. Improve future career prospects

Course Outline:

Starting from fundamental aspects of high-voltage engineering, a review is given of the various operational stresses leading to defects and degradation, followed by an overview of the key methods used for detection and identification of such defects, including partial discharge (PD) measurement, frequency response analysis of transformers and insulation testing methods, with reference to relevant international standards. A combination of interactive lectures, computer sessions and laboratory sessions will be used to aid delivery of the course.


Faculty, Lab engineer, High-Voltage laboratory, PD measurement equipment, SFRA test kit and test objects. Software: COMSOL, EMTP. Electronic copies and printed copies of course handouts will be distributed.

Targeted Audience:

Engineers, technical managers and technicians working in the electrical power industry. Principally energy utilities, manufacturers and services companies.

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