Masdar Institute (MI) is Khalifa University’s flagship sustainability-focused research institute.  MI plays a critical role in the research structure and culture of the university, serving as an interdisciplinary research unit focused on long-term strategic priorities, which engages a critical mass of faculty. KU’s sustainability-focused research centers are primarily grouped under the Masdar Institute. As a research institute, MI also connects fundamental research with practical application through its partnership with local and international organizations, like the major renewable energy and sustainable urban development leader Masdar. 

The UAE is developing into an icon for innovation and knowledge-based economic development in an environment where public and private sectors form effective partnerships. Masdar Institute is well positioned to support these UAE efforts in the areas of sustainable energy and the environment. As the UAE’s premier cross-disciplinary institution for clean energy, water and the environment, Masdar Institute continues to seek the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for the UAE. We will focus on further developing areas of strength in the new decade, while at the same time supporting innovative ideas where we can achieve the greatest impact. Masdar Institute will lead in a new decade of great opportunities driven by new ways of producing, storing and utilizing energy, both in UAE and around the world. 

Facts & figures
  • 60+

    multi-disciplinary faculty affiliated with MI

  • 4

    specialized research centers

  • State-of-the-art

    State-of-the-art research facilities including the Masdar Institute Solar Platform (MISP), Field Station, and electrochemistry lab


Masdar Institute develops sustainable energy, water and environmental technologies, and transfers knowledge and innovations to address industry’s challenges and nation’s sustainable development goals.


Masdar Institute is to be developed into an enduring technology powerhouse of the UAE in areas of sustainable energy, water, and the environment.

The objective is to be achieved by channeling efforts through five foundational pillars with four areas of importance to UAE industry for near-term strategic development and expansion.

Areas for strategic development
  • 01. Renewable-Integrated Smart Power Grid
  • 02. Scalable Energy Storage
  • 03. Energy-Efficient Water Production
  • 04. Advanced Functional Energy Materials

An enduring
technology powerhouse

5 Pillars
World-Class Infrastructure & Talent
Market-Oriented Innovation & R&D
Technology-Focused Learning & Teaching
International Collaboration & Global Impact
Commercialization & Entrepreneurship
3 Platforms
Research, Development and Demonstration (RD&D) Platform
University User Facilities Platform
Technology Maturation and Commercialization Platform
10 Tasks
1 Develop an infrastructure of research facilities
2 Inspire market-oriented tech innovations
3 Provide technology focused university education
4 Nurture global partnerships in technology RD&D
5 Develop a culture of high-tech entrepreneurship
6 Recruit and retain world-class researchers
7 Engage with industry for technology RD&D
8 Offer professional engineers emerging technology training
9 Enhance visibility and make global impact
10 Develop a culture of high-tech entrepreneurship

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Research labs
Environmental and Geophysical Sciences (ENGEOS) Lab

The Environmental and Geophysical Sciences (ENGEOS) Lab at Khalifa University focuses on studying natural processes and addressing environmental challenges at local and regional scales to propose sustainable solutions and support science-based strategies for stakeholders and governmental entities. The Environmental and Geophysical Sciences (ENGEOS) Lab at Khalifa University focuses on studying natural processes and addressing environmental challenges at local and regional scales to propose...

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