What makes KU’s medical program different to other ones?

October 3, 2019

The Khalifa University Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree is the first four-year post-graduate medical degree of its kind to be offered in the UAE.

The College of Medicine and Health Sciences at KU is the first medical school in the UAE’s capital Abu Dhabi. Khalifa University’s medical program is based on the American MD Program and differs from the British system in that it prepares graduates for specializations. The MD Program at KU is based on US standards, to fast-track our graduates to credentials with the American Medical Board. KU medical students will benefit from training on state-of-the art technologies from master professional instructors and clinical shadowing in hospitals in Abu Dhabi.

Qualified applicants receive generous scholarships that include tuition, assistance with student housing, and assistance to transition into the Abu Dhabi community.