Aqdar 29th August-1st September 2019

The 3rd Aqdar World Summit will be held in Moscow from August 29th to September 1st, 2019. The theme of this summit will be “Global Empowerment of Communities: Experiences & Lessons Learned”. It will be held in conjunction with Moscow Global Forum City for Education – a forum dedicated to bringing together leading academics, researchers, scholars and educators.

Aqdar World Summit is a high-profile international event that brings into focus global humanitarian issues and strategies for sustainable development, while garnering supporting and awareness for initiatives that enhance human potential around the developing world.

The summit will offer specialized workshops and forums on scientific topics. The event also hosts an exhibition for institutions and organizations to showcase their “green” services – services that benefit individuals as well as the community and environment.

Aqdar World Summit is organized by Khalifa Empowerment Program “Aqdar” in cooperation with INDEX Conferences & Exhibitions and in partnership with the United Nations and a number of local, regional, and international entities.

Aqdar Objectives:

  • Construct strategies and policies that raise awareness about the challenges that individuals and communities are facing.
  • Unify vision, goals and objective and outline development agenda.
  • Bridge the divide between regions, industries, and organizations.
  • Empower organizations with knowledge about sustainable development through ongoing education programs.
  • Provide a platform to showcase initiatives, programs, and products.
  • Unify efforts to achieve the goals set by Khalifa Empowerment Program -Aqdar.
  • Foster a global network that yields synergies through collaboration between industry partners and government entities.
  • Attract potential investors to the UAE.
  • Inspire the UAE to innovate and invest.
  • Position the UAE as a global leader in line with the goals set out by vision 2021.

Location: Moscow, Russia

Date: August 29th – September 1st, 2019

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