Dynamics and Control

Dynamics and Control

Dynamics and Control research focuses on fundamental dynamics modelling and feedback control theories of mechanisms, machines, robots and other mechanical systems.

Covered topics include modelling, synthesis, design, linear and nonlinear control theories of novel mechanisms, intelligent machines and advanced robotic systems utilizing both simulation verification and experimental implementations. Dynamics and Control are the fundamentals of mechanical systems with applications in all areas including industrial units, domestic machines, medical devices, robotics systems, aerospace systems, etc. Dynamics and Control research has been heavily involved in general with mathematics, computer science, and with specific challenges in other engineering disciplines, covering almost all majors in Khalifa University.

Shared Autonomous Mobile Robot Manipulation Using a Compliant Exoskeleton


This project aims at designing a new compliant exoskeleton arm to interface human intelligence in teleoperating and teaching robots in shared autonomous mobile manipulation with applications in hazardous environments, surveillance, and search and rescue scenarios. By designing new compliant joints, human-motion based mechanisms and integrating state of the art electronic and sensing technologies, the new exoskeleton will bring together human’s cognitive abilities and robotic systems’ robustness. This will be a typical multi-disciplinary project covering topic from human motion to robots with knowledge from robotics, mechanical, biomedical, electronics and computer engineering.


PI: Dr. Dongming Gan Co-PI: Dr. Andrzej S. Sluzek

Time frame

Sep. 2014 – Dec. 2016


Khalifa University Internal Research Fund level 2 (AED 1.9M).

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