Drilling for Non-Drilling Engineers

Drilling for Non-Drilling Engineers

Course Description

 This is an introductory level drilling course which introduces rotary drilling process and basic drilling rig components to those who have no prior knowledge on oil well drilling technology. At the end of the course the trainees should be able to assess formation pressures; design mud programs; design basic components of a drilling rig to meet a given objective; select the most suitable operational parameters for some key drilling equipment.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Know the fundamentals of drilling – drilling concepts, equipment and drilling engineering principles
  • Understand formulation, selection, and applications of drilling fluids 
  • Know types of drilling bits and bit technology including bit cost per foot calculations and cost analysis
  • Understand fundamentals of drilling hydraulics
  • Develop an understanding of problem-solving skills as related to drilling operations including computer skills – use of EXCEL

Course Outline:

Day Topics/Activities Material Assignments/Assessments
1 Fundamentals of Drilling Presentation Slides Class Work/Pre-Exam
2 Rig Components Presentation Slides Class Work
3 Drilling Fluids Presentation Slides Class Work
4 Bits and Drilling Costs Presentation Slides Class Work
5 Fundamentals of Hydraulics Presentation Slides Class Work/Post-Exam

Targeted Audience:


A pre-exam as well as a post-exam will be given to the trainees to evaluate how much they gained out of this short course. The exam will be in the form of multiple choices and other open-ended questions for about 30 min.

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