This course discusses the fundamental concepts and contemporary challenges associated with well performance using nodal system analysis approach. The course covers methods to govern Inflow Performance under the prevailing reservoir conditions taking into account the effects of stimulation, injection effects, completion design aspects, and horizontal wellbore effects. In addition, and importantly, an account of the problem well analysis and the constrains associated with Nodal analysis applications is discussed. The contemporary challenges are also pointed out. The course adopts a scaffolding approach where we apply our knowledge learnt from the simplest case to the more complicated applications. The learning outcomes will be assessed by a concept-oriented quiz at the end of each day’s session.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, the attendees will be able to:

Apply nodal system analysis to determine performance of a well under a range of operating conditions

Evaluate the factors limiting the well productivity and provide mitigations techniques

Analyze the well performance using supplementary wellbore diagnostic tools

Understand and apply the nodal analysis approach to address contemporary challenges

Design the production system using given datasets and theories learnt

Who Should Attend

Those who have background knowledge of Production and Reservoir Engineering Concepts. 


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Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5