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The course covers topics ranging from basic operation to maintenance and diagnosis testing of power transformers. Starting with an introduction to the basic principles of operation of power transformers, the course introduces the concept of equivalent circuit impedance representation of transformers and explains the key relationships between voltage, current, transformer impedance and power rating. The transformer vector group classification is then briefly outlined. This is followed by a review of thermal design of transformers with their cooling specifications, and the electrical design detailing the core and winding design and the types of neutral earthing of transformers. The different testing methods used for preventive maintenance and diagnosis of transformer condition are presented and practiced. The recommended work practices commonly performed for preventive maintenance of transformers are outlined in the last part of the course.

At the end of this course, participants should be able to:           

Develop and ability to diagnose transformer failures based on test outcomes

Who should attend

Engineers, technical managers and technicians working in the electrical power industry. Principally energy utilities, manufacturers and services companies.


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Day 5:

Conclusion and Post Test