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This course covers standards, regulations, and best practices for the safe handling of chemicals. This includes identification, transportation, monitoring, storage, treatment, and disposal practices of chemicals. Relevant ADNOC Codes of Practice (COP) will be reviewed, with especial emphasis on the Code of Practice relating to chemical safety.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

Practical use and demonstration in the use of chemical spill- kit

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Day 1: Introduction to Chemical Safety  

Learning from Accidents

Day 2: Handling Flammables & combustibles

Handling Cryogenics 

Day 3:    Compressed Gas Safety 

Material Safety Data Sheet & Risk Assessment 

Day 4:    Engineering Controls- Ventilation and Fume Hood 

Personal Protective Equipment-Emergency Eye Wash and Safety Shower

Fire Safety In chemical handling, storage & transport

Day 5:    Emergency Preparedness and Response

Chemical Waste Management Strategies

Testing and Evaluation