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This course covers regulations, personal protective equipment, administrative procedures, engineering controls and best practice needed to conduct safe work in research and teaching laboratories. Topic covered include a review of lab incidentsand injury statistics, risk assessment, emergency eyewash and showers, personal protective equipment, ventilations and fume hoods, fire suppression, emergency response and preparedness, lab waste management, chemical safety, handling offlammables and combustible liquids, electrical safety, compressed gas safety, handling of cryogenic substances, laser and radiation safety.

Who should attend

Day 1: Why renewables; Energy consumption trends in residential, industrial and commercial sectors; Renewable energy sources and technologies for electricity generation, heating and cooling, combined heat and power; Renewable power generations trends over the word;  

Day 2:  Factors influencing renewable energy generation, modelling renewable energy systems, modelling uncertainty of power production from renewable energy systems

Day 3:    Renewable energy project costs (capital cost, operational costs…etc.,); Comparison of electricity costs from renewable energy systems to electricity cost generated from fossil fuel; energy subsidies; Carbon credits and environmental impact

Day 4:   Renewable energy investments and challenges; Policy regulations influencing investments in renewable energy; Renewable energy financial cash flows development; In-depth financial analysis of renewable energy investments cash flows; Techno-economic assessment of renewable energy projects.

Day 5: Policy reform for regulation of funding requirements of renewable energy projects