This course involves the design and understanding of important production operations. The course begins by developing a framework to understand the types of formation damage mechanisms (e.g., scale formation; asphaltene deposition pore plugging; fine migration; wettability alterations; water blocks). This is followed by an investigation into the recent research (field cases and laboratory investigations) to provide treatment recipes for scale and asphaltene mitigation. In this context, the applications of surfactants for production operations are also discussed. Furthermore, acidizing design in carbonates and sandstone rocks is discussed. Hydraulic fracture design in tight formations is also covered by taking into account the rock geo-mechanical effects; in-situ stress and fracture propagation modeling. An overview of fractured horizontal wells in shale formations is also presented. Next, production logging tools are discussed, and an overview of the challenges associated with oilfield corrosion is also highlighted. The learning outcomes are assessed by a concept-oriented quiz at the end of each day’s session.

Who Should Attend

Those who have background knowledge of production and reservoir engineering concepts. 


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