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In oil and gas fields real-time and accurate measurement and control of the oil-gas flows is essential for a proper asset management. Various flow metering technologies are available for either single phase or multiphase flows measurement. This includes nuclear -ray, ultrasonic, orifice, Venturi, Turbine, Coriolis, magnetic, vortex, cross-correlation, Coriolis, and NIR-based meters. Recently Magnetic Resonance (MR)-based technologies started to emerge as a new promising technique for multiphase flow metering. The aim of the course is to address the technical details and concept of each of these meters and their application in upstream and downstream segments of the oil and gas pipelines (by addressing several industrial case studies). The course will also cover various control algorithms used for flow control, together with the associated hardware which includes the control valves, PLCs, and P&ID diagrams.

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Employees of the following can attendthe course ADNOC group, ADWEA, DEWA, Dubal, Tabreed


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 Day 5: Conclusion and Post Test