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Day 1 

  1. History of hydrocarbon exploration and discovery in Abu Dhabi
  2. General Geology and petrology of the UAE
  3. Types of sediments and sedimentary rocks
  4. Sedimentary basins

Day 2

  1. Paleo-oceanography and plate tectonics in the Arabian Peninsula
  2. Depositional settings, conditions and environments of carbonate rocks in Abu Dhabi
  3. Stratigraphy of sedimentary reservoirs in Abu Dhabi fields
  4. Why carbonate rocks dominate over sandstone reservoirs

Day 3

  1. Diagenetic processes during transformation of sediments into sedimentary rocks
  2. Diagenetic processes in Abu Dhabi carbonate reservoirs
  3. Porosity and permeability distribution evolution in conventional and unconventional Abu Dhabi reservoirs
  4. Requirements for hydrocarbon generation
  5. Deposition and preservation of organic matter rich sediments (i.e. petroleum source rocks)
  6. Presence of impermeable seals
  7. Presence of reservoir rocks
  8. Burial-thermal maturation of organic matter: formation of oil versus natural gas

Day 4

  1. Formation of sweet versus sour gas in Abu Dhabi
  2. Formation of various types of hydrocarbon traps
  3. Major source rocks, seals and reservoir intervals in Abu Dhabi
  4. Hydrocarbon migration and accumulation

Day 5

  1. Geological reservoir modelling
  2. Hydrocarbon production