While the primary objective of the course is to prepare reservoir engineers and/or petroleum engineers to utilize existing tests’ results and well/reservoir performance data, it will be invaluable to those who face the responsibility of formulating EOR programs for green and brownfields alike. The potential savings by avoiding expensive and time-consuming programs render to unreliable or questionable outcomes are tremendously significant! Therefore, attending this course should be mandatory for all who deal with screening, processing, and analyzing CCA/SCA data for EOR/IOR purposes.

Course Objectives

Learning Objectives 

Who Should Attend

All specialists who deal with or are expected to deal with EOR/IOR. 


Day 1

Introduction of CCA/SCAL Sources and Utilization

Validation of CCA/SCA Data

Use of Capillary Pressure to Define Connate Water Saturation


Day 2

CCA/SCA Versus Reservoir Characterization


Relative Permeability

ROS (Residual Oil Saturation (ROS) / SWir (Irreducible Water Saturation) / Cross-Over Issues


Day 3

Multiphase Flow in Porous Media

Viscosity Control Management

Interfacial Tension Management

Saturation Functions

Polymer Injection

Overview on Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Processes

Case Studies


Day 4

Immiscible Gas Flooding



Day 5

Problems and Constraints

Surfactant-Micellar-Polymer Methods

Alkaline-Surfactant-Polymer Methods

Crosslinked Polymers and Chemical Gels

Significant Technology Development

Case Studies