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This course discusses energy usage in the oil and gas industry and the importance of energy efficiency. The main energy consumers and energy efficiency opportunities in the oil and gas industry are going to be discussed. The course also introducesEnergy Management Systems (EMS) and their requirements. It covers the process of the energy management and discusses the energy planning and how to come up with an energy baseline to assess future data. The calculation of energy performanceindicators for oil and gas operations is going to be explained. In addition, the course will discuss guidelines for applying the concepts of ISO 50001 and its benefits specifically for the oil and gas sector

Who should attend

ECE Engineers or anybody with basic ECE knowledge who are interested to learn PCB Design Basics using
industry standard Cadence OrCadPCB design tools.


The main objective of this course is to introduce the concept of energy efficiency and energy management systems with the focus on the oil and gas industry. It will prepare engineers to identify a systematic process for continually improving energy performance and maximizing energy savings. 

  1. Energy Management Systems (EMS)
  2. Energy Management Systems (EMS)
  3. Guidelines for implementing ISO 50001 EMS in the oil and gas industry